I began my adventures on Youtube as a terrified fifteen-year old with no experience, no equipment, no confidence, and no idea what she was getting herself into. What that fifteen-year old did have was an $8 speech-to-text microphone from Walmart and the following New Year’s Resolution:

Do something you have always wanted to do, but have always been to afraid to begin.

With a laptop from 2007 and a special determination to “stick to it” (after all, seeing as it was 2012 and the world was due to end at any moment, it could have been my last chance to actually fulfill a New Year’s resolution) I posted my first video – a poor quality rendition of a K-Pop ballad with borrowed lyrics. I waited weeks and you know what happened? Someone commented. Others started to like the video. So I ran with it and started posting more and more.

Fast forward five New Years to January 2016. I have a pseudo-recording studio set-up that’s nothing to scoff at, I’ve learned to play the piano and play music by ear, I’ve taken a comprehensive music theory course, and I’ve composed the score/music/lyrics for and co-directed an original musical (and, let me tell you, that was QUITE the project). My confidence has soared, my world has grown, and I’ve done so many things that a younger me would never believe herself capable of.

Though it may sound like a phrase you find on an novelty coffee mug meant to be inspirational, I believe the following with completely genuine conviction:

Tomorrows are not a renewable resource. One day all of my used up tomorrows will turn into yesterdays and I’d like to say I used them well. Just do it.



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